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markgritter made kung pao. Mmmmm, kung pao. He did not dispute the rule about getting whatever dessert you want when you've had doctors poking bits of things into you, so I had the last of the raspberry fudge on some vanilla ice cream. It was good, but I keep wanting it to taste like the raspberry chocolate sauce timprov and I make. Which is easier to get anyway, so now we'll just do that next time. Also it is thundering.

I am so spoiled.

Mark does dispute another important rule, as discussed Saturday night, which is this: if you generally would hug someone goodbye, and you have done so, and then you talk for a sufficient length of time after that, you get another hug.

Mark claims this is a selfish ploy to get more hugs*. Well, duh. But really: there are hugs for hello and goodbye, and there are other hugs, and if you don't go away, you haven't said goodbye. So it became another kind of hug somewhere mid-conversation, and you are still due your goodbye hug if you would generally get one.

Say you are on the phone, and you say, "Okay, goodbye" in the middle, and the other person says, "Wait, now, when were you going to come over to eat my food and drink my beverages?", and further conversation ensues. You don't then get to just hang up whenever you feel done, on the theory that you already said goodbye. You still need to indicate to the other person that you're done. Proper goodbyes must be exchanged. (If the other person refuses to participate in proper goodbyes, the procedure may be altered to, "GoodBYE, [friend's name].")

The very easiest way to work this (with the hugs, not the phone) is to be in a conversation with more than one person. So then every time you move like you're going away, you get another entire round of hugs. Minnesota Long Goodbyes may have their origins in the weather, but their fruits are entirely more pleasant than sleet.

Wiser people than I have pointed out that I am a cuddly person. I do not dispute this. But really: more hugs or fewer hugs? And not from your smelly great-aunt-by-marriage that you wish your great-uncle had left out of the family entirely but from people of whom you would usually like hugs? It's a good rule, is what I'm saying. It's a just and reasonable rule. I stick by the rule. This, too, may make me spoiled. So be it. I will be spoiled, and cuddly, and hugged several times.

I really like my life.

*timprov's new theory is that most rules are designed to selfishly maximize one's own hugs or selfishly minimize hugs to people one doesn't like. There may be something to this.

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