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Sick and VM-y

As for the cold: it has moved up from my throat -- yay! solid food! -- to my nose and ears. For those of you who are new, that means my first two navigational systems are down. "What happens," you may be asking yourself, "when someone who is extremely scent-oriented has a head cold?" She is sad. Very, very sad. Also she bumps into stuff a lot due to not being able to smell it there. "What happens," you may further ponder, "when someone who already has an ongoing inner ear problem has a head cold?" She is sad. Very, very sad. Also she bumps into stuff a lot due to not having a reliable sense of the vertical. Sigh.

So. I have been watching a lot of Season 3 Veronica Mars with timprov because it's something I can manage without -- sing it with me, kids! -- bumping into stuff a lot. We're enjoying ourselves. But a few (deliberately non-spoilery) things:

1. Some of you have complained about having difficulty keeping The Million And One Blondes Of Veronica Mars straight. I live in Minnesota, where telling blondes apart is a major life skill. But even I will admit that Parker and Meg look way too much alike, and it's a darn good thing they aren't around each other. Because dang. Hair, features, facial expressions, postures. Wow. If they did it on purpose, I'm not getting what the resonance is supposed to be.

2. Okay, so Wallace: I am a huge Wallace fan. Always have been. But one of the reasons his character worked is that he was never Sexless Black Sidekick Man. It was never that his life revolved around serving Veronica but they never had any romantic interactions because he was *whisper* black. */whisper* He very clearly had a life of his own. Romantic involvements of his own -- including, if I remember rightly, with a white girl, so it was extremely clear -- and the dialog and body language had made it clear in the first place -- that he and Veronica were not involved because they are not into each other that way, not because he's black and she's white.* Wallace also had non-romantic relationships with people other than Veronica. Wallace had -- be still my heart -- robust subplots. In Season 3, it's more like, "Oh, right, wasn't she friends with that other dude? Quick, make them have lunch together! Before the viewers get restless!"

And even aside from squandering high-quality Wallace Potential, it squanders some potential for interesting stuff in the transition to college from high school. They could easily have had not nearly enough Wallace for me by making things different for Veronica still living at home while Wallace lives on campus. They didn't. They just propped a Wallacebot in the library behind a MechE textbook.

3. See also: Weevil. The impression of Weevil having an actual life with actual stuff going on that doesn't revolve around Veronica has been replaced by Weevil being The [Spoiler]. And The Insufficiently Appearing [Spoiler] at that. Bah. Bah, I say!

4. I miss the Veronica Mars Voiceovers a little bit when they are occasionally replaced with lame dialog reminding us of the same points. I know, I know. Only a little bit.

5. I am all about the ethnic names, I swear I am, but -- Stosh? Piz's real first name is Stosh? You ask yourself, "What could make a person go by a name that is the bastard child of piss and Pez?" And then the answer comes out: his alternative is Stosh. I now expect it to come out in the last four episodes that Piz horribly murdered his parents over spring break, because they hated him so much as to name him Stosh Piznarski. (Note: I have not actually seen the last four episodes, so I apologize if this constitutes a spoiler. But: Stosh Piznarski. My land.)

*Incidentally, is anyone else totally creeped out by the fact that EHarmony ads on the TV only feature couples who look like siblings? If people want to date their relatives -- I can't say as how I recommend it -- can't you meet your cousins for free at family reunions? How dumb do you have to be to pay someone to date only within the gene pool's equivalent of the bathroom sink?
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