Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Enthusiasm and Its Lack

Things About Which I Am Enthusiastic


Okay, not real snow. But flurries. Enough flurries that a skiff of snow was blowing around on the road.

I am so pleased.

2. Most of the people I saw this weekend. Extremely enthusiastic. Yay, other monkeys. New monkeys! Previously known monkeys! Go, monkeys!

3. Space to be introverted. Go, immediate lack of monkeys!

4. That Orange Stuff (made by tnh). Wow. Layered and complex and astonishing. And with a kick like an entire team of army mules who were Clydesdales on their grandmother's side. I kept telling people about the orange stuff. It was noteworthy.

5. The hot chocolate at Mrs. London's down the street from the hotel. Bitter. Very fine. See also: brioche with vanilla custard and chocolate chips; farm bread with fennel sausage, stinky cheese, and arugula. Go, Mrs. London's. They made a travel day culinarily noteworthy in the good direction.

6. Mmmyyyyy precious. I will try to get a picture. One link broke when I went to take it off in security (and that was ridiculous anyway, but whatever), but next time I have tea with elisem I will ask her to fix it. It is called "The Day She Stopped Waiting," and it is so shiny.

7. Big piles of books on my desk, whee!

8. My book, the revisions to which I will start typing tonight or tomorrow. Book! Still looking interesting and fixable! Yay, book!

9. Being home.

10. Having gotten to be somewhere not-home that was pretty kind to me. (I've heard others didn't have that experience. I'm sorry.)

11. Hot water poodle on my lap.

Things About Which I Am Less Enthusiastic

1. Post-flight vertigo. Bah.

2. Post-travel laundry. Bah again.
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