Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I am dizzy again.

If I am still dizzy tomorrow, I am going to World Fantasy Con anyway, and Northwest can wheel me down the concourse in Detroit if I need it, and those of you who will be there can give me an arm when I have to go places. Because I can't very well say this isn't going to mess with my life -- clearly it is messing with my life -- but I can put my foot down on how far. And the foot is down.

In other news, I finished the scribbly read-through of the first draft, with lo these many notes, and through to the very end they were good notes. Very little "?" and "Huh?" and similar notation. So that'll all go into the computer when I get home.

Also I am excited about some short stories again. I'm never excited about short stories. So that's good, probably. I think.

Okay. Last bits of packing. Then bed. Then shower, plane, plane, bus, con. Okay? Okay.
Tags: cons, see the world they said, stupid vertigo

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