Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Later That Day

About a thousand words each on the rock sprite story and Sampo so far. David (the one in California) says of my description of the rock sprite story, "Who can resist a genderless yeti with parental impulses?" And indeed, who can? (I had described the main character as the daughter of two changelings, raised by a genderless yeti. Don't ask me how that got into a pair of earrings, either, because I don't know. Elisian magic.)

I've been meaning to say to you new reader-people, since there are some of you: I have a couple of filters on this journal, and the only one that's opt-in is for people who might be willing to crit some of my stories at some point. Telling me you'd like to be on this filter doesn't mean that I'll assume you want to read everything I write and critique it in detail within two days of its completion. It just means that when I've finished something I want crits on, I'll ask, and you can say, yeah, hey, send me that, I'll tell you what I think, or you can keep your mouth shut and not have to deal with it. This is also not a test of your love or liking for either me or my writing: if you're doing enough crits, don't like doing crits, are otherwise occupied, etc., it's not at all a personal affront to me. What other standard disclaimers did I have last time? Oh yes: I will listen to you, but I might not do what you say. (I hate it when people confuse listening and obeying.)

You can opt out of my other filters, if you notice you've been put on one, but they're mostly things like "people who live in Minneapolis" or "family members" or the like.

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