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I'm still a bit shaky this morning, but definitely better. So yay for that. Last year I got a stomach bug right before World Fantasy. Two years ago, I got one at World Fantasy. And now several weeks before. If I can keep this up, soon all stomach bugs will recede into the past: "five months before the World Fantasy seven years ago" or something like that. (I make no commitments to going to World Fantasy every year, though.)

And speaking of conventions, someone who may want to remain anonymous (this person didn't specify) was asking me what conventions would be good for discussion about "the publishing professions." This person is looking for a programming track or several panels dedicated thereto, but is not a would-be writer looking for Industry Connections. So if you're thinking of an example that is all about The Networking, that's not what's wanted here. More of an outsider's or theoretical interest, I believe. I know that there are sometimes panels on business-of-publishing topics at Minicon, for example, but rarely anything like dedication to the subject. I gave this person a couple of other suggestions, but feel free to list anything you've thought of that might be helpful. And again, this is specifically in convention terms, not websites with useful general publishing information etc. Thanks.

I'm trying to figure out a food I can eat while feeling this flavor of shaky. Otherwise I am fairly cheerful: the markgritter is home safe, and I am thinking thinky thoughts about fiction, and if I do manage to find a food I can eat, I can probably make it down to see some people in St. Pete this evening. So that's all for the best etc. etc.
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