Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of September 5-11

No acceptances, no rejections. One "we're thinking harder about this one, please wait." Probably about what one can expect for the week after WorldCon.

Yesterday markgritter and timprov and I drove down to Ren Fest and met up with dd_b and lydy to wander around, take in a few shows, converse, eat food, and shop while DDB took pictures (but not of the shopping). (And now seagrit's birthday present is more or less complete, with only a little less than a month to go before her birthday. Am I an efficient sister-in-law or what.) To continue the lj theme, we also met fiddle_dragon, who promptly fetched ladysea and marcbs and Spud to meet us, too. Spud is a heck of a baby. Gave me a smile right away, very friendly and cute and really truly seemed to believe he was going to start talking any minute now. Probably would get along great with Miss Bridget, with her sociability and her firm belief that she'll be walking any minute now (or with that kid, she may be mentally skipping ahead to running or dancing first). I threatened the lot of them with cloudberries. They did not seem cowed.

We found our way to Nina's for supper, and the lounge singer was at it again, so I wished Elle could have been there. He did "Hotel California." Lydy hid in her napkin.

Today is my official day off writing, though I can't say yesterday was my most productive day ever, nor is that a bad thing. There are other things to do, laundry and cleaning and putting the desk to rights and...what's that other thing, begins with an r, supposed to be done on days off...well, if I don't think of it by the time Mark or Timprov wakes up, they'll remind me.

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