Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Opportunity knocks a great deal more often than the postman.

You remember how I was talking about trying to see things as opportunities rather than obligations?

You would need a really big mallet to get more opportunities into my life right now, is the thing. Even just the ones that are entirely self-generated and have nothing to do with real, life, interactive other people.

Here are some recent opportunities:

I had the opportunity to learn (from a very small friend) a song featuring the chorus construction, "Wait a minute -- we're fish! We don't have to ______." Of course, my brain says, "Wait a minute -- we're fish! We don't have to figure out which novel to write next."

I had the opportunity to walk a very happy small dog and a moderately happy big timprov over to the library and back.

I had the opportunity to read the first several chapters of a book I recently drafted, and to discover that while they need revision in several particulars, they are not irredeemably sucky and do not make me want to moan and howl and hide under the desk until the big bad book goes away. And that, in fact, some of the problems with these chapters and some of the things I was hoping to manage to do in the next draft line up rather nicely. This opportunity will continue for many, many more chapters.

I had the opportunity to clean the new front steps in preparation for waterproofing them. Better living through chemistry usually sounds more interesting than this, but since doing it will give me the opportunity not to have to pay for new steps again in another couple of years from not taking care of these, all right, opportunity recognized.

I had the opportunity to review our bank's procedure for when several thousand dollars of deposit goes awry. Fun fun!

I had the opportunity to do something very silly that will (I hope!) make a friend laugh a great deal next time she comes here, so we will have to see about making that latter opportunity happen.

You will please excuse me, as I have the opportunity to fall over soon.
Tags: scorekeeping, stupid brain tricks

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