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As I said before leaving, I wasn't going to Toronto as much as through Toronto; I didn't get to see several of my favorite people in Toronto, and I certainly didn't get to explore the city much at all. The taste I got was good, though, worth a return. One of the small details I enjoyed: the little corner shops, like the depanneurs in Montreal, seem to have good fruit selection/availability. So it was extremely easy to find fruit for yesterday's breakfast and lunch while we were out for Wednesday's dinner.

Also, I like the kind of traveling where the sentence, "I'll take a croissant and some fruit on the train," makes sense. That is my kind of travel. Watching the half-turned sumac out the window while munching a really good pain au chocolat: bliss.

We could see the difference in sumac over the course of the week between our train rides, and also on the trip down from Montreal to Toronto. Fall is further along up near Montreal. Some of the birches have gone golden up there. Further down near Toronto, none of them. I look out the window here and see just the first few birch leaves.

I love fall. I made sure the windows in the library were locked down because it was chilly enough this morning that I'm not going to want them open when I sit in there with the dog to read a bit. I have said before that summer is an aberration in my brain, that outside is supposed to be where we keep the cold. When I went to bring the paper off the front step this morning, it was chilly outside, and I breathed it in: home. And autumn. Yes.
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