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I have talked about finishing this book before I leave for Toronto and Montreal. I think I need to: I will be gone eight days, and eight days at the very end of a book is an entirely different thing for me than eight days in the middle. (Or eight days at the beginning, where I could do a lot of meaningful work longhand while traveling, presuming I made the time for it.) So that's 9/5-13; fine. I need to be done by the evening of 9/4.

Except...I'm going to be in Omaha from 8/31-9/3 for my grandparents' anniversary. I could technically work on the book on markgritter's laptop, but I can ignore my family from here; if I'm going to drive five and a half hours each way to see them, I want to see them. And 9/4 will be unpacking and repacking and quick laundry and that, I'm pretty sure, and doing various other useful things, and not so much writing.

So...I'm pretty sure you're doing the math right with me here...that means that if I'm not to have a two-week hiatus in writing just when I'm on the downhill bit, I need to have the book done by the time we leave here on 8/31. Next Friday.

Various other things need to happen in that time, too. Baseball. Birthdays. Housecleaning. Car repairs. Friend in from out of town (though not staying here). Moose-mopping. Bear-feeding.

I think I can do it all, and without all the people I love deciding that I must have disappeared off the face of the earth. But if lj gets a bit obsessive for awhile, and all the posts on anything but the book have disappeared, you'll know why: I'm hoarding them. For later. For when I'm done and back and settled and...stuff. And in the meantime:

Chapters remaining:
13, 15, 21, 24, 27, 28, 29, 32, 33
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