Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Who I Saw, the Friends Page Version

People from my friends page I saw in Boston:
buymeaclue, chance8088, columbina, leahbobet, elisem, elizabethbear/matociquala, merriehaskell, katallen, mechaieh, msagara, msisolak, palinade, papersky, porphyrin, retrobabble, roane, stillsostrange, splash_the_cat, tanaise, timprov, yhlee, zellandyne.

That's a fair number. And I did not refuse to socialize with people who were not on my friends page. (Actually, three of the above are on my friends page as of yesterday.) So it is the merest fraction of people I saw. Very many people. Lots. Yes. Goodness.

People kept recognizing me from the back, so I really want you to tell me honestly: should I start using my backside for a lj icon? Is it my memorable side? It was a little weird, frankly. "We've never met, but I'd know her butt anywhere."

Also, people remembered me who didn't seem like they had any reason to do so. (This excludes friends-page people, since, y'know, there I am popping up on your reading list.) I did not narrow my eyes suspiciously at them and say, "Why do you remember me? I know why I remember you, but why vice versa?" But it was odd all the same. I like socializing with badges, though, because then if someone looks familiar, you don't have to stammer and hem and haw.

Also, um, I don't know how to say this, people are shorter than I expected. I had a feeling this was coming when I found out tanaise isn't 5'9" and buymeaclue isn't either. But living in Minnesota skews my perception of how tall I'm going to be compared to the world around me.

Actual con report and pictures will go in my other journal (today for the con report, pictures...umm...when I can?), but I must confess that in addition to having a good time and seeing a bazillion and one people, I went to a Red Sox game, and it's a good thing, because otherwise it would have been the Girliest Con Evar. (Hmm. The Red Sox game could be classified as girly for some values of girly. Hmmmmmm.)

See, I spent the fall clothes budget in Boston. On clothes. Not in the dealer's room, either, so you will not see me attired in sloganed T-shirts and belly dancer's skirts for the rest of the year. It's just that...well, J. Jill was between my hotel and the convention center/the party hotel...and they put things on sale...and they had jeans that fit. Let me emphasize that: jeans. That fit. And were not -- as my last four pairs of jeans have been -- custom made for lots o' money. Half of J. Jill's size 4s are cut perfectly for me, and half are cut perfectly for me and a close friend to wear together. This year they made jeans in the former category, and I bought all the 4s they had in that style and many of their tops as well. Hurrah for jeans that fit. Last time I found jeans that fit, I waited to try to buy more, and they changed the cut. Fool me once etc. etc.

And the thing about the tops is that most of them go with one or another of my new necklaces. palinade made me a sparkly green one and porphyrin made me a shiny black one and elisem made one that turned out to be mine as well, though she didn't know it when she made it. And a Barrayar necklace. And some earrings. JewelryCon '04 for me, and I'm not a big jewelry person. I smiled fondly at porphyrin when she said her elisem necklace took her hand and wouldn't let go (porphyrin: "You laughed at me!"), but then my necklace took my hand and wouldn't let go, and her name is "Singing Them Back," and I already have the Artist's Challenge story outlined for her, and it's not my fault I own a gendered necklace, I didn't make her female. Also she likes petting. Also I have haiku earrings and also another pair of earrings for which I owe the elisem a story, and the earrings are called "'Oh, yeah?' said the rock sprite."

There will be pictures of my pretty new necklaces along with pictures of other people and their pretty new necklaces or just their smiling faces or whatever I managed to take a picture of at the time. Which was, as usual, not as much as it could have been, as I'm one of those people who enjoys an experience less rather than more when photographing it extensively. But I like having the pictures, so there's a balance to be had.

And there's a phrase to keep with me for the rest of the day or week or longer....

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