Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Things I Have

1. Concrete steps! Concrete apron for where the driveway meets the garage! Jaunty yellow caution tape surrounding the said steps and apron! The concrete people showed up bright and early this morning, and by the time I was making my lunch, they were gone. This means that anyone who drops by my house in the next 24-48 hours should not walk on the steps, but anyone who comes around after that is certainly invited to do so.

2. A confirmation number for my WFC hotel reservation! Whew. I had made my reservation online and saved it in e-mail, and then I could not find it. Not anywhere. And that hotel is booked, and so is the first overflow hotel, and I have heard reports that the second overflow hotel was as well (no confirmation on that). So the phrase, "'re not in the system..." kept running through my head. So I called and got my confirmation number, hurrah for peace of mind. Also I got tickets into the Albany airport. Heaven knows how I will get from Albany into Saratoga Springs. Life is full of mysteries. Worst-case scenario is renting a car and driving myself, so it turns out that the worst case is rather bearable. As many worst cases not involving ninjas are.

3. A very lovey bop who helps write books! And appointments for her yearly vet check and her considerably-more-than-yearly haircut.

4. An idea of how to finish Chapter 22! And with it a bit of history that will not go in the book but may come in useful later.

5. A plan for the rest of the day after that!
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