Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I am cross.

I had polished off my salad and was going to enjoy a nice thick slice of the sour cherry-walnut bread I made yesterday. Mmmmm, homemade bread! Mmmmm, sour cherries and walnuts! I bit into it.

"Wbargle!" I said with dignity and aplomb. "WblarrBLEH!"

Cherry stone. Ick. Right. No stabbing pain, no rough tooth edges. Onwards. But gingerly. Sure enough, there was another. I poked at it. About a third of the cherries in my nice thick slice had the stones still in them.

Now look! I've been buying dried stone fruits for over a decade now! You don't leave the stones in! Especially with cherries, which dry up so small that if you leave the stone in, 1) it's all stone, and 2) it disintegrates into uselessness when you try to pull the stone out! Every other brand of dried sour cherries -- and I've bought at least three other brands of dried sour cherries -- understands this! Come on, people! Blarg!

And now I have to figure out what else to have for lunch -- we have moved past Salad Is Easy And Tasty! into Yes But In That Quantity It Does Not Constitute A Meal -- and also what to serve for tea, because fresh-baked not-too-sweet bread seemed like just the thing.

Harumph, I say! Harumph!
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