Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Meta-spoiler post (no actual spoilers harmed in the writing of this post)

The lack of vertigo continues today, hurrah. This is especially good because seagrit, jffgrnfld, and Amber will be over after lunch, so it's nice to be able to bake the cherry-peach crisp and mop the floor and that sort of thing without worrying about falling on my head.

Also I will no longer smell like smoothie today! I had been using up old sample bottles of lotion that didn't smell too offensive, as a stopgap until I could find the time to go buy my usual lotion. Which I did yesterday. Whew. I like citrus, but I was pretty ready to be done feeling like I'm an Orange Julius stand.

For obvious reasons, I'm pondering spoilers this week. In the last year I had my first experience of a situation where spoilers would really bother me: Veronica Mars. (Do not tell me what happens in Season 3; don't wanna know until I see it.) Otherwise I am pretty much completely unmoved by spoilers. So I'm trying to sort out why that and not other things. I think for people who are always or never bothered, the answer is fairly obvious -- either that they just plain don't want to know what happens in advance, or else that they don't care if they find out. Is anyone else out there selectively bothered? And if so, what book/movie/series would bother you or would have bothered you to hear spoilers about? and can you form theories about why?

(Let's call it a ten-year statute of limitations on spoilers in the comments on this post, shall we? And if you're going to be really, really upset at finding out that Ilsa goes home with Luke's father's sled, this would be a good comments section for you to skip.)
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