Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


The Very Helpful Poodle is holding my lap down and encouraging me to work on the book.

This morning, leaning on markgritter for some of the time, I got to see the niecelet and her parents. We went to Cecil's for breakfast and then to the Conservatory, which has an adequate supply of Amber's current obsession: "Waterwaterwaterwater!" Occasionally: "Fishie!" But mostly: "Waterwaterwaterwater! [pause] Water!" She has all sorts of words very clearly, "juice" and "person" and "train" and "tickletickletickle" and many other important concepts. She squinches up her right eye when she's thinking about something, good or bad. She is the very model of a modern minor niecelet.

There are now nine days left before my birthday. There are packages waiting on the hearth for me. I love birthdays.

Still with the vertigo. But other things are good.
Tags: birthday princess, family, kids these days, poodular supervision, stupid vertigo

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