Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Vertiginous optimism

The great thing about vertigo is that it makes the word "adventure" apply to so many more situations than it otherwise would! Taking a juice glass and a dirty towel downstairs simultaneously: what an adventure! Feeding the dog: adventure! Taking a shower: wheee, adventure!

You can tell that the vertigo is really going when you have dreams of space travel instead of sea travel, because even when a boat pitches around, you know which direction down is, mostly, sort of. Dreams of space travel, yay!

Also, um -- um --

I'm sorry, I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to come up with a third positive, cheerful thing about vertigo to make it a nice structural pattern, and I've still got nothing. Oh, I know:

People with vertigo are more creative than people without vertigo, and also we have stronger senses of hearing and of smell!

Yah, okay, so it's not true, but it's not true of blind people or depressives, either; why should they get all the unwarranted good press when I can have some unwarranted good press all my very own? I'll bet people with vertigo are the next stage of human evolution! See ya, suckers! You'll be having your stable little lives, able to maintain the strong sense of local vertical that has kept you down, while we will be ruling the universe from ranch-style houses? Well-padded ranch-style houses in space! Yeah, that's it!
Tags: stupid vertigo, what do you dream about

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