Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of July 8-14

One rejection. I've managed to slip in some short story work this week without harming the focus on the novel, which is nice. I'd like to have a few more stories making the rounds.

I got copies of these today to give to a rather small percentage of my relatives. Haven't gotten my contributor's copies yet, but I saw that Amazon had them in stock, and I had some hopes that they'd arrive while the Swedes were still here. (Didn't, obviously, but I have some other things to put in a package to send over there anyway.) Ahh, the magic of glue.

I'm hoping for books for my birthday, because my to-read pile is now nonexistent: I'm in the middle of the last book that was on it. There's at least one thing on markgritter's pile I haven't read yet, and of course there is plenty of potential for rereading, with the books we have around here. I won't go into text starvation mode. But -- still, no books on my to-read pile! Astonishing!
Tags: bookses precious, publishing, scorekeeping

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