Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Wagons ho, but not my wagons.

Our Swedish family is heading out this morning -- not back to Sweden yet, but to points west, to see cactus and desert and Disneyland and San Francisco. I think we all had an extremely good visit together, and I'm more eager to go back to Stockholm than I was before they came. (And note that the prospect of going back to Stockholm didn't precisely fill me with indifference before.) We all knew that we were fond of Johan and Ulla, and I had e-mailed with Lars (who will turn 20 in August) and seen him when he was a baby, but we really didn't know Henrik (18) and Sophie (16) at all. And now they're their own people for us and not just an undifferentiated mass labeled "Johan and Ulla's kids." Also we actually like the people they are. There's no guarantee that people you like will have kids you like, or that they won't be going through an awkward time when you see them. But it was fun for everyone, I think. Certainly it was fun for me, and I can't wait to hear the updates on their travels farther west. I hope they come back soon.

I was going to make you guess which pair of words we couldn't manage to translate into Swedish with the collective might of the whole family, but I don't think you'd ever get there, so I'll just tell you: cobbler or crisp, in the sense of a fruit-bottomed dessert. They have words for cobbler meaning "person who makes shoes" and for crisp as an adjective, but they thought the dessert would probably have the same word as "pie." I fed them cherry-peach crisp, so it wasn't that they didn't know what I was talking about, it's just that Swedish isn't big on that particular culinary vocabulary subset.

(And in other news, cherry peach crisp with fresh cherries and peaches is a really, really good idea. Such a good idea that I may make another for my birthday party. Yum.)

Around here, I'm going to start catching up on the things that haven't gotten done in the last week, including work on the book and various other things. (Mopping. Laundry. Sleep.)
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