Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Five random things making up an entry, the pre-vertigo specialist version

1. I hate going to the vertigo specialist. Hate hate hatey haaaaate. But it Needs Doing. (This is unlikely to be a visit with lots of changes to anything; as I understand it, they wanted to check back and make sure they didn't miss something subtle about my previous diagnosis.) The tests at the vertigo specialist sometimes make people -- surprise! -- vertiginous, so they don't want me to drive myself home after, so my mom is taking me. We're going to have a fun lunch out somewhere beforehand together, so that should make up somewhat for having to have the mechanical woodpecker take up residence in my ears temporarily, in the plus-and-minus columns of the day. But -- meep. Hate.

2. I suspect that my brain handing me book shinies last night was in part a way of Not Thinking Of the trip to the vertigo specialist. Hey, I'll take it. "How did you come to write this book, Ms. Lingen?" "Well, I didn't want to think about the mechanical woodpecker...."

3. The floor vent in the front hall used to be plain and not fit the hole it goes in. Now it's art deco and fits the hole and cost about $10. I am ridiculously pleased. This was a total accident -- I just happened to walk by the fancy floor vent section in Home Despot while I was providing entertainment for the Very Gay Home Despot Employee (who found the prospect of me using a tree saw on a long stick absolutely hilarious -- thanks, dude), and there they were, and they were cheap, and I thought, well, the one we have is broken anyway, and if this one doesn't work, I can return it. But it does work. Go me. Art deco floor vent! Who knew they even made such things? (retrobabble, you are exempt from this last comment.)

4. The painters caulked yesterday before the rains came. Ista was fascinated by the ladders. Not entirely approving, but fascinated. She kept going to the kitchen windows and peering up and up and up, trying to figure out what on earth they were doing up there.

5. In the same vein as #2, boy howdy, am I productive this morning. Displacement is sometimes a beautiful thing. Now I will mop the floor, work out, sort the laundry, and finish my library book.
Tags: missing rise, stupid vertigo, to done, veryveryvery fine house

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