Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Polite Sisters

My sister-in-law seagrit is too Midwestern polite to ask questions or demand that someone else ask questions of her. Instead she implies them. I love being home again.

1. The best sound in the world know how when people really like you, their voices occasionally get fuzzy around the edges when they're talking to you, and it's different kinds of fuzzy for different kinds of liking but still warm and fuzzy? That's what I like best.

Also I like the visual version, where they stop and look at you a minute and just like you. That's neat. I keep those in my head for when I'm discouraged.

2. My favorite quotation from college is...gosh, I don't know. There were too many. There was one semester when the clear winner was Heathah's, "You'd strip if you loved me," addressed quite earnestly to a wire in her electronics lab project. That was a good semester for quotes, actually. We wrote them on little pink cards and stuck them to the corkboards in our physics office. We chorused, "Set up an integral" at inappropriate times. We learned Janelle's song about "Dos, a beer, a Mexican beer; Ray, the guy behind the baaaaar..." while wandering through Bigdale. This was also the semester of, "Actually, I believe tyrannosaurs eat with their hind legs." It was a very quotable semester.

3. My computer's name is Mechante. Her predecessor was Agacante.

4. I think I have a pair of Keds around here somewhere. Mrissas Don't Run if they can help it. Running is bouncy. Mrissas do non-bouncy things like swimming and yoga and even hiking. For sweaty things requiring shoes (that is, hiking), I wear my boots. Which I love. I will probably need new boots this Christmas.

5. The best thing about seagrit's family is that they're all geeks. Yep, I can go with that.

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