Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of June 3-9

Two rejections, two hold requests. So that could be worse, especially the context of one of the holds.

I just got home from my friend Vanya's wedding, where I got to see other college people I expected to see, plus a few surprises to me. I came back and was bubbling along to timprov, blah blah lovely wedding blah good to see blah blah, all very true -- it was a lovely wedding, and I have been hoping that Vanya would marry Kjessia since the second time I met her, so even if everyone had worn paper bags over their heads and fed us straw for dinner, I'd have been happy -- when all of a sudden I stopped, and in a very small voice I said, "I miss gaaldine." And I do. I mean, she wasn't part of this group initially, so it's not "she's always been there and I miss her." No, it's the other thing: the one where I am conscious of how glad I was when she started coming around with the_overqual, how neat it was to suddenly have my best girl friend in the midst of other people I'd liked for years. And sometimes the world is filled with too many things, and I do understand that people don't always get to do everything they want to do, but...I miss gaaldine, and that is what.
Tags: my friends rule, scorekeeping

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