Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of May 27-June 2

One rejection. Holiday week. Once again, it's almost like editors are human beings with interests and lives and stuff. Go figure.

My grands and my great-aunt and -uncle got to my folks' house yesterday afternoon, and in a few minutes we will load the rhubarb thing in the car and go pick up the ice cream cake and go celebrate markgritter's 32nd birthday and Grandma's 75th, both of which were last weekend. markgritter has still more celebratory stuff ahead of him eventually. We don't stint on birthdays in this family.

This morning we took a class on being godparents. I think we probably know more about being good godparents than these people, but we managed to get through it without scaring any of the other sponsors or parents too badly. I did point out that we will be asked to explicitly renounce the forces of evil on the kids' behalves, which several people did not know would be part of the deal, and their eyes got big. I did not bring up the bit where I smite people with my axe if they need it. I figure when the parents are pacifists, the godparents are, in part, the standing army. Story-reader, ice-cream-buyer, taker-to-movies, all-purpose-smiter. Just in case.
Tags: family, scorekeeping

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