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Finland; colonialism; time scale.

How to tell that George Maude, author of Historical Dictionary of Finland, and I have different worldviews, the one-sentence version: "Without Russia on its border, it would be very difficult to justify the maintenance in the current form of the Finnish armed forces." So true, George. So true. And without the presence of water, it would be damned hard for the British to justify all the money spent on boats. And, in fact, if there were no editors in the world, my postage expenditures would look pretty weird as well.

(There's good stuff in this book, and I'm glad to have it. But I suspect that the fact that I write alternate history does not account for all the differences of opinion I have with the said Mr. Maude.)

In other news, all my thoughts about colonialism in this book were dead wrong, and all my new thoughts about colonialism are far better, by which I mean more amusing to me personally but also more plotty and more based in thinking about geography, trade, and technological development. And probably more subversive, if that's what you're looking for in plot points related to colonialism. And really, I think most people who are looking for plot points related to colonialism at all are not that averse to a bit of subversion here and there. At least that's my guess.

Also it allows for more things to go boom later, which is no bad thing in fiction.

Also, why do I keep getting ideas for books set 200-400 years after the books I'm writing, in the same worlds? I'm not sure this is a bad thing. I'm just also not sure it's a good thing.
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