Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


People. I woke up this morning with bad fantasy novel heroine bedhead. No kidding: when it says, "Her hair was a tangle of curls around her heart-shaped face," and you know that she's supposed to look just adorable but when you wake up your hair always looks postpunk at best? My face is the same shape it always was, but my hair is doing that thing this morning. It is winsome. It is fetching. Quick, everybody come look, before I put it in that fork dealie to keep it off my neck while I work out and mess it up permanently. I may never have bad fantasy novel heroine bedhead again.

Also the crick in my neck is substantially improved.

Also the fridge appears to still be fixed after this weekend.

I know entropy is still winning, but if you squint just right....
Tags: girliness

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