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Ahem. Sorry, where was I? Right, home -- I was home.

My mother-in-law called her neighbors around midnight to ask if they could please have the loud parts of their party inside or on the front lawn, because their back yard ends about six inches from the windows of the guest room. So sleep: not so deep, not so plentiful. And then the drive across Wisconsin. With a somewhat carsick dog (though she didn't do anything smelly and messy, just was miserable the whole way).

But for all that it's been a good and rather social day. I got to see a handful of Wiscongoers in the midday, and it was that sort of "too bad I'm going to miss seeing X, but there are already so many good people here to see!" feeling, like a con in miniature. In very miniature, because we were coming home to make it to a cookout tonight, and that was good, too. But I ran out of Mris and had to come home to fall over, because falling over while still there would have spoiled a very nice cookout.

So many things I should be doing, but instead I just kind of stare blankly. Well. There will be a small snack, and there will be sleep in my own bed, and if any neighbors try to have a loud late party, I will eat their braaaaaaains.
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