Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Packing. Fridge.

Late this afternoon, markgritter and missista and I will leave for Wisconsin. I suppose I could say that his parents put the "sin" in Wisconsin, because we are not going to Wiscon. But I don't think we have any particularly sinful plans with them; if we do, they haven't mentioned it. (And anyway, the guns-booze-porn-and-cheese stores start far, far closer to us than the Gritters live, so somebody was probably putting the sin in before them.) His parents have wireless internet connectivity, so while I don't intend to spend the entire weekend online, I also won't be off the ends of the earth in terms of connectivity.

So: the fridge. It is as fixed as the fridge repairbeing could make it this morning. It is still cooling food. It may need replacing, and we'll just have to see on that. But I have done what I could do, and it was enough for the moment, and sometimes it's really important to do what you can do and have it turn out to be enough for the moment. Because we are not 4 years old, and doing our very best does not guarantee us one single solitary thing.

If you're thinking it sounds like there's a lot more going on in that last sentence than the fridge, you'd be right. If you're thinking I'm now about to start talking about some of it, that's where you're wrong. Here is my rule for reading other people's writing: always, always, always assume that there is more going on in their lives than you know. Always. You may be wrong, but it's a better direction to be wrong than the other.

But the fridge is fixed (or at least fixed-ish), my grandpa doesn't have cancer, and I'm going to spend the weekend stressing about getting things done as little as I can possibly manage. To that end, I am not taking a Project with me to Milwaukee. Just some reading material and my paper journal. (And clothes, know the drill.) It looks like my hectic May is eating the first half of June, but we'll deal. You know. Like ya do.
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