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Still five, now with pictures

careswen asks:

1)Who was "The one that got away"? (Working under the theory that most people have at least one.)
Actually, I don't, because the person who was going to be my "one who got away" decided not to get away. He's reading this on his friends page. I met scottjames when I was 12 and he was 13, and we went through high school together. And when I say together, I mean "in most classes and clubs/activities together and hanging out pretty much all the time," not "dating." I dated a couple people, all of whom I'd have dropped in a heartbeat for him, but he was not the sort of person to ask that of anyone. (Still isn't, so far as I can tell.) We didn't start dating until he had gotten away: we were going to college twelve hours apart when he decided I might be dateable after all.

So we gave it a go and found out that we were better friends than partners, and now neither of us has to sit around wondering what-if. He was an usher in my wedding. We didn't do the fakey "let's be frieeeeeeends" thing, because of course we would be friends. That was not in dispute. Our "not being friends with each other" skills have entirely atrophied by this point.

I've had unrequited crushes on other guys, or requited but unfulfilled crushes -- take msquared, for example, from roughly the same period of my life. But many of those guys have stayed my friends, too, and none of them was particularly serious. In actual dating, I have been the dumper, not the dumpee, when it hasn't been a mutual decision.

2) Other than English, what language(s) have you studied? And/Or: What language would you most like to study?
I've studied French and Japanese, and I can also get by a bit in Scando languages, particularly Norwegian, if people talk reasonably slowly and aren't using highly specialized vocabulary. (Or are using highly specialized vocabulary in cultural areas I've studied.) I do better in Norwegian than in Japanese, for what are to me obvious reasons: Norwegian is closely related to English, so even though I haven't studied it, it's very easy to make sense of. Japanese is not an Indo-European language, so the bits I haven't studied are entirely opaque to me. Often if people are conversing in Japanese, I know just enough to recognize that it is Japanese and not some other non-Indo-European language, without knowing enough to pick out what they're saying. I understand words like "and" and "is." Great.

I have started to be able to pick out bits of Finnish, as I discovered listening to one of my birthday presents. This is a little weird, since Finnish is also a non-Indo-European language. I think I'd probably go with Finnish for languages to study, too. I feel like I can travel fairly easily in a lot of places I would want to go, using English, French, Japanese, and Norwegian. I can also fake a bit of Spanish and German; languages come easily to me. So if I was going to go to the trouble of seriously studying a language, I would want it to be useful to me professionally (and I have several more books set in Finland yet to write). And I would want it to be worth the trouble of sitting down and studying instead of picking up by osmosis (so it would have to be non-Indo-European).

3) From your website: "My big project at the moment is the sequel to Thermionic Night, Sampo. The two have, at various points, been called 'The Not The Moose Book.' Why?
Heh. Okay. I was just starting to keep an online journal, and I had two or three moose references in a single week. And I said, Okay, that's one of the moose jokes. Maybe I'll tell you another in a later entry. Maybe I won't. I will be moosily capricious. I don't think it'll be like Tim [Pratt, a friend at the time]'s goats, though. I don't think moose will be popping up in my journal from time to time. Even though I had a stuffed turquoise elk as a child. (There are advantages to having Swedish relatives, and one of them is the weird presents they find appropriate for children.)

I say this now, but watch. I'll finally come up with a novel-length fantasy for grown-ups, and it'll center around moose imagery. And I'll try to surreptitiously remove this page from my journal archives, but you all will remember and throw it in my face.

And then the next day: Remember what I said yesterday about how I'll probably finally come up with a novel-length fantasy for adults, and it'll have a bunch of moose imagery? And then I'll try to hide the fact that I ever said I wouldn't?

Heh. Well. Funny thing about that.

Contrary to what Timprov's last entry said, it is
not a moose book. There's only one scene with a moose in it. And I think it might be an elk. So it barely counts at all.

I think it's pretty clear that you're a Great Northern Geek when you're trying to weasel out of your fantasy moose book by making clear that it's really an elk.

So there's that. It's been silliness, but I don't mind silliness. More importantly, it gave me a label to stick on a book, later books, that resisted titles.

I'm now amused that I was sitting around trying to think of adult-length fantasy novels. Silly, silly Mrissa! Novels and Mrissas are like pigeons in cities: they'll come eventually, so you don't particularly need to encourage them. And probably shouldn't.

4) What's the most recent unabashedly *girly* thing you did?
Lady, I was a bridesmaid. I think that whole experience gets lumped together into "girly." I had my nails manicured. I wore gloves past my elbow. I had my hair swept up with flowers in it. And -- what a segue! -- you can see pictures of it starting here! The pages should all be up by the end of the day. Also there will be pictures of our time in Michigan for Mark's grandmother's birthday and of this most recent Saturday evening.

I generally dress like a girl, so if you count that, the answer is yesterday. This does not mean froofy. Mrissas are not into pastels. Blouse ruffles give me hives (metaphorically only). But I spend most of the summer in skirts or dresses, because that's how I'm comfortable, and I don't mind clothes that are fitted enough that people can tell I'm female. (Which probably includes potato sacks, since I'm pretty femmey. I read an article once wherein some woman was trying out male drag, and she wrapped a dish towel around her waist to pad out the difference between it and her hips. And I laughed and laughed, because I have tied dish towels around my waist on more than one cooking occasion, and I tried to calculate how many dish towels it would take to make me look like a guy. I'm currently wearing an old physics department T-shirt, and it looks pretty femmey on me, too. That's just how I am, so I accept it and move on.)

5) What freaks you out the most?
Freaks me out? Emery boards. Damn, I hate those things. When I was talking about the manicure, Aaron asked if I had an irrational fear of them, and I snapped, "It's not irrational. Abrasion is not our friend!" Aaron laughed at me. I'm used to Aaron laughing at me. It's something like tradition by now.

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