Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Five Things Making Me Happy Today. With two bonus things.

1. Woke up without vertigo. Yay, lack of vertigo!

2. Lunch: salad! with good dressing! and crumbly elderly gouda! (I am really quite irrationally fond of salad.)

3. Books are all reshelved. No more swapping sections around; markgritter's office eventually gained economics, philosophy, history of technology, and history of cryptostuff, leaving more room for history either of those here. Much needed. Whew.

4. Blue! skirt! The girljock online store has officially won my heart with my new brilliantly blue ridiculously soft extremely washable skirt. I am restraining myself from buying more in the other colors at the moment, in part because I don't actually need them, and it looks like they'll carry them for awhile, and my mom likes to give me clothes for my birthday. But: blue! skirt! Whichever of you pointed me at this place -- dichroic, I think? -- totally wins LJ Friend Of The Day for May 14, 2007.

5. What We Did to Piss Off the Continent, despite its irreverent use-name, is continuing to behave like a good book: by driving me crazy with things that will make it ever so much cooler, faster than I can get them all written down. This is the book equivalent of a newborn spending its time eating, sleeping, and pooping: it's a little hectic, and you kind of look forward to it being done with that phase, but in the early first couple tens of thousands of words, it's exactly what a book is supposed to be doing, and you don't really want it to stop, lest you are left with a wan and pallid book that kind of mopes around having plot and characters and setting and style and theme and dialog and description and no particular justification for its existence. The last sentence of my notes file on this book reads, "There is much to do."

The last bit of the book file itself reads, "Chapter 30: Freedom and the open sea." I am a little alarmed by my subconscious conviction that this book has 33 chapters: where will the other three go? What will be in them? Why on earth would I have any subconscious belief about the number of chapters at all? and why 33? It can't be anything mystical or it'd be 34. I'm stumped. But I trust the book, because that is what we do: we keep writing, and we trust the book. Meep. (But good meep. Really.)

6. I live here. This is where I live. Here. Yep.

What? It makes me happy.

7. My people are wonderful. My friends, my relations, the people who have neatly made the transition from one category to the other. They are nifty. They are keen. (In many cases, you are nifty, you are keen.) They do interesting things and have interesting ideas and sometimes are wrong in interesting ways. And their varied and particular modes of expression and affection are so good. I'm lucky, and I know it.
Tags: girliness, missing rise, my friends rule, stupid vertigo, true north strong and slightly less free, what we did
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