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Not fascinating, but happy enough.

Good morning, dear hearts. We enjoyed the remainder of our visit with Grandpa Lyzenga and even felt willing to share him with my mom, my grands, and my Onie for the space of a lunchtime and a little beyond. Came home and crashed hard: I'd been overdoing for several days, and I have birch allergies, so by midafternoon when Grandpa Lyzenga left, I was ready for a nap. This really has been one of the benefits that lingered after the Year Of Sick departed: I never used to be able to nap, and now when I really need to, I can.

Last night I -- drum roll please -- sat down and finally finished the gigantic tome I've been reading. And the crowd goes wild. I don't know how I always manage to combine periods of very little reading time with the selection of large, slow-going books a few days before. I'm just gifted, I guess. Anyway, I expect I'll finish the other book I've been reading today, and then I will select an entirely new book! People like me are not meant to go this long without selecting an entirely new book to read. It's unnatural.

The reshelving of the books in markgritter's office may be buying us a bit of space for the overflowing shelves in my office. Hurrah for taller bookshelves; hurrah for culling some things into boxes in the basement. There will be a very large book giveaway post in a bit, when I can get to it. Right now there are things ahead of it on my list. This morning my folks and my grands and my Onie will come over for brunch and to see the paint job (not that my mom will be the least bit surprised by it, having done much of the work!), and we're planning to have dinner with some friends, including buymeaclue on her visit here. Also apparently there are still some chores left that none of us got done this week, or else they need redoing. The lawn, for example, has not stayed mown. I find this inconsiderate.

Also I am swearing at a thing that needs tiny bits in the book I'm working on. Just tiny bits. It's the tiny bits that'll get you every time; better to work the tiny bits in on the first draft than try to retrofit them, once I know they're going in, but still: colonialism, who needs you! Semi-graphic sex scenes, who -- well, I guess we already established I need you in this book, because you do plot and character and setting and theme and all that at once, in ways that can't be done otherwise. But still. Early journalism, who needs you! Secret identities, who needs you! Brief descriptions of #$%&$@ clothing, who needs you!

Me, apparently, when I'm writing this book. Could be worse: I could not have these things.
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