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More Fives and stuff

yhlee asks:
1) What is the best kind of tree for reading under, assuming you read under trees, or would like to?
Ooh, oh, the kind they have by Lake of the Isles. With the flowers.

Helpful, no? Sorry. This is how I deal with botany.

I used to read in a tree, over by the chem building, but the tornado ate it.

2) What is the most overrated area of physics?
STRING THEORY. Blech. Unfalsifiable parameters: not science.

3) *ulterior motive* What would you do to get rid of ants without calling in the Death Star heavy guns?
I'll have to go with a combination of the answers you've already gotten on this one: get a spray, try to find where they're coming in, get the little traps, etc. Whatever you have to do. Hate ants. Yarg. They ate my oatmeal sugar cookies. I'm still bitter about that, and it was nearly five years ago.

4) What is your favourite starship?
The one you're building for me?

What do you mean, you're not building me a starship?

In that case I'm not very sure. Chanur's whatsit, probably.

5) What do you like to drink on a cold winter evening?
Evening meaning "when work is done?" Bailey's and cocoa. Mmmmm, Bailey's and cocoa. Happiness in a mug.

I also enjoy un-Bailey's'ed cocoa, chamomile or lemon chamomile tea, and mulled cider. I don't think I'd have survived Gustavus without chamomile tea and cocoa. And I can drink them and still get work done.

flewellyn asked:
1) What is your favorite color? Why?
Color for what? Painting on walls, wearing, buying loved ones with different coloration to wear, making people turn from laughing?

For years and years, I would say that my favorite color was dark green. It was not pastel pink in every way it was possible not to be pastel pink, and I had had enough of pastel pink and then some. Now I'm not sure I have an absolute favorite. Dark greens and deep blues are up there, but not for every situation.

2) Do you have a favorite sci-fi TV show? Which one?
The only one I watched regularly for a substantial fraction of its run was Bab-5, so I'll probably have to go with that. Love the Ivanova. Well...Futurama probably counts on those terms, but no Ivanova, so.

I have a soft spot in my head for ST:NG because they did two things right when I was just at an age when it was very important that those things go right: they fixed the beginning where they used to say no man (and I almost cried when I saw the pilot and they had fixed it -- I was in grade school, so cut me some slack), and they had Tasha Yar. Who was not only a female crew member but also was clearly not shoved away into some girly job. They had a girl crew member for dealing with everybody's feeeeeeelings, for heaven's sake, and if not for Tasha Yar, that would have seemed like a huge betrayal. But she was security officer! Very scary! Not at all cute! (I am perhaps projecting a bit here.)

This probably set me up for a fall when there was not a major light-sabre-wielding female Jedi character in either of the recent Star Wars movies. With all the utter shit in those movies, Lucas could still have had me cheering if he'd given me what all of us had deserved since I was three years old at most, and that was a girl Jedi character. Instead, "did you see him hitting on the queeeen, though he's just nine and she's fourteen...." Bah.

timprov and I were watching his mom's DS9 tapes for awhile, and I expect we'll get back to that at some point.

3) Cats: yes or no?
In the world, oh yes. Love the cats. Very nice cats. In my house, oh no. I must breathe, and so must timprov and markgritter; we all agree on this breathing point. House rules: everybody breathes. So here, no.

4) If you could have any one super power, what would it be, and what would you do with it?
The ability to nap. That would be so neat. I would just lie down and get more sleep and wake up rested.

What? That would be super.

Oh, all right. Putting time on pause is probably a more super version of this. I'd still want more sleep out of the deal, though.

5) Do you have a favorite kind of food? Not a specific food, but like an ethnic group's cuisine?
No. I am pretty flexible when it comes to food, and also fairly mood-dependent. I can't even consistently choose between Northern and Southern Italian for which is my favorite Italian cuisine. No total orderings!

I think that's it for the questions so far, but ask away if you like. I was going to talk about yesterday, but I think I'll do that later. Now I will read 1610 and perhaps have some leftovers and poke at my packing list.

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