Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of April 29-May 5

One rejection. That's it.

I started this post nearly an hour ago, but then Certain Mammals decided that it was time for a walk. We ended up with some fresh pink and white blossoms from a friendly neighbor's trees, but I forgot to ask what kind. The lilacs are also in bloom in our own backyard, so I will have to go cut some of those when today's bunch fades. When asked my favorite flower, I tend to say tiger lilies, and I love snapdragons, but there's nothing like fresh lilacs, and when you want hyacinths, nothing else will do. I fear this is yet another time total ordering has failed me.

The folks came over in the late morning to help me move things back where they go and to deliver some (unassembled) bookshelves I wanted that wouldn't have fit in our car. So that's all off the list -- or, in the case of assembling the bookshelves, on it.

This book is still a great deal of fun to write. So sparkly and so fine. Remind me of this when I get to the day when it isn't any more. Writing this book, in fact, is a lot more interesting than figuring out what to have for dinner or putting things back in order around the house. Sigh. Well -- just a few words more.
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