Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of April 22-28

Two rejections, la la la.

Yesterday my back kept hurting, but I was in one of those modes of brain where I didn't have to deal with it while I was working on the novel. So I wrote 3K words yesterday. I wish this always worked. On the other hand, sometimes my back is hurting because of writing, or at least because of computer time, so it's probably just as well that I can't always get into a vicious circle that way. So far today, 1K more. Tomorrow is my day of rest, and tomorrow markgritter and I are going with my folks to Art In Bloom at Minneapolis Institute of Art.

When I'm not working on the book, I'm missing people. gaaldine and I haven't been together for her birthday in...oh, golly, eight years, I guess it'd be. So it's not like we have a long tradition that's being broken this year. But I'm still a little wistful at not being there for this one. And Jen The World's Best Lab Partner had a baby this week, little Claire, skeptical and pudgy and red-faced as new babies are, and it reminds me that it's three and a half years since I saw Jen TWBLP. So I am a bit full of wist. On the other hand, the people in my head are keeping me amply entertained, and May will be chock full of the people outside my head. It's just -- I have too many people for it to be all of them. This is like wailing that I can't have ice cream and cheesecake for dessert, I realize, so I will stop with the wailing and be happy to acknowledge things from afar, as best I can.
Tags: my friends rule, scorekeeping

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