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sartorias asks me five questions (and you can, too, or I'll ask you if you like):

1; Favorite book at age 12?
That would be the oft-mentioned Beggars in Spain, I think, or maybe Second Foundation or A Brief History of Time. And truly we see the continuity of the Mris.

2; which piece of music gives you the most powerful memory images?
Oh dear. That depends on what day you ask. I'm a pretty associational person, so a lot of pieces of music give me strong memory images. Almost all of Counting Crows's "August and Everything After" album evokes something; luckily most of the things are good.

Today I'm going to say "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream," because we've got a long holiday weekend coming up, and when I was little-little, my folks would come get me out of bed once I'd fallen asleep on Sunday or Monday night of a long holiday weekend. Momma would rock me in the blue rocker (which is now the red rocker in my living room and soon will be another color rocker again), and they would sing. They sung folkie stuff, war protest songs, hymns, old popular music (1870s and on), whatever came into their heads. In harmony, half the time. And I would lie there on the verge of sleep and just listen and be loved.

It's the range we sing in around here, too, since my folks are an alto and a deep baritone.

3; if you were granted the chance to visit a fantasy world, which would it be?
Today I would say Westmark, but tomorrow it would be different. Maybe. As long as it had to be someone else's world.

4; what are the top 3 books on your TBR stack?
Oh, Lordy Lord. Uhhhhh. I'm very much an impulse reader from the stacks I have on hand. But actually this week I can probably answer better, because I'm likely to pick paperbacks for the upcoming plane trip, and I'm most likely to pick my own books because I'm leary of taking porphyrin's or the library's on a trip with me. So most likely it's:
Pat Murphy's Wild Angel
Mary Gentle's Scholars and Soldiers
Julian May's Sagittarius Whorl
But I could be wrong.

A lot of the stuff I'm more excited about reading is in less travel-friendly hardbound.

5; which did you pick to read last, and why?
Mary Gentle's 1610, a birthday present from ksumnersmith because we loff Mary Gentle. I've been yearning after it, and I was ready to have my head eaten, which Mary Gentle books invariably do. I have just dipped my toes into it now (metaphorically speaking, as I do not read with my feet), but I can feel its gravity well. Also, there's a chance I will finish it soon enough not to have to take its largeness on the plane, but if I don't, it's more manageable (as a trade paper) than The Confusion is in hardback.
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