Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Back, peers and peris

I'm wondering if the fall down the stairs yesterday wasn't worse than I thought at the time. (I had to have conversations -- separately but identically -- with markgritter and timprov about this: "You fell down the stairs???" "It was in my lj entry!" And it was -- yesterday morning I said, "I managed to fall down the stairs with an empty glass in my hand and break neither self nor glass this morning, so who knows what." It was in with the stuff about painting.) Anyway, something is discombobulated, and I suspect that I am blocking out a fair amount of input there. Which is not useful right now -- if it's going to be something that needs attention from the massage place, the chiropractor, or the doctor, I have more time for that attention now than later -- so in a bit I will go be mentally quiet and try to see what's going on in my back. If that makes any sense.

Last night markgritter and I watched Iolanthe on DVD. I thought of lydy because it started with a pop-up book, but it wasn't a good enough pop-up book that I would get her a copy of the DVD for her birthday or anything like that. Gilbert and Sullivan operettas always have twittery bits, but this was twitterier than most. (If you want to get technical, we thought it was overly influenced by Felix Mendelssohn.) Still, we enjoyed it, and markgritter laughed intemperately at a few lines. I have one more on hand, The Sorcerer, by way of research on comic operettas for What We Did to Save the Kingdom -- good excuse, huh? Writing is like that some weeks, an excuse for whatever you're wanting to excuse, really. And since I'd already finished the draft of a short story and stuck words on WWDtStK, it wasn't even the kind of excuse that's a replacement for writing. Just an addition.
Tags: small screen, stupid vertigo
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