Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Still not Friday.

I should have to write this out 25 times in longhand: markgritter's return home today does not make it Friday. Does not, does not, does not.

I am in a mode where I need all the days I can get to get the stuff done that needs doing. So believing today to be Friday would not be the, "Wooo, weekend!" kind of mistake. Luckily I have enough, "Wooo, Mark's home!" to make up for any, "Ack, ack, out of time!" sense.

Because I am not entirely sane and there was a sale on paint, I decided that next week would be the ideal time for my mom and me to paint Mark's office, which doubles as the guest room. It will be a pale blue-grey (his choice, but I like it, too). If we have time, we will also paint the music room a brighter blue, and if we have time, also the library, and if we have time, there will be eating cake and singing and playing with the puppy and lo these many fine things. If we have time. (Actually I believe in our ability to sing while painting. Actually actually, the truth is that I disbelieve in our ability to refrain from singing while painting.) The thing is, it will be nice enough to leave the windows open to air the paint fumes out without making everybody miserably cold or hot, and the paint will have time to dry before Mark has to work in there daily or anybody has to sleep in the guest bed. It really is a good time to do this, while he's out of town (starting Wed.). But on the other hand, there are a million and one other things that need to get done in May, too. Well. Mom has done this before and is extremely efficient. She never limits herself to six impossible things before breakfast. (Although all painting, by Mrissish fiat, will take place after breakfast, so I don't fall on my head in the paint tray. At least not because of low blood sugar. I managed to fall down the stairs with an empty glass in my hand and break neither self nor glass this morning, so who knows what.)

Lunch. Then book. Then airport. Then more book. There have been worse plans.
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