Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

They play hockey!

For months I have been saying I should write some synopses. Now I'm actually doing it. I hate synopses. On the up side, as synopses go, they've been relatively painless. I avoided using this one for the relevant project:
She's the Laird's daughter, wild and restless. He's a fallen knight, claimed by the Queen of Air and Darkness. They play hockey!

But I thought of it, is the thing, and now I'm trying desperately not to overapply it to other projects:
She's the Evil Regent in retirement. He's magically imbued with the personification of the law of the land. They play hockey! Err, no, fight crime. I totally meant fight crime on that one. Or fight for crime. One or the other, I'm almost sure.

She's a teenage refugee from a destroyed planet. He's the captain of a troop of space Marines. They play hockey! Ummmm...again with the fighting crime, I think.

He's a skald with a silver arm who owes the gods a favor. She's a princess from a foreign land, used against her will in the schemes of the mighty. They play hockey! I really can't get away with them playing hockey. If there was magical puffin curling, however, I wouldn't say no.

But I probably should say no, because magical puffin curling is silly. But you can just see them sliding across the ice with their little feet tucked up under them, all glowing blue and bewildered and "gronk!"....

Right then. Synopses. Really.
Tags: carter hall, full of theories, icy death potential, pure silliness

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