Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Five non-random things make an entry

First: this is the notice of One Mris Bouncing. (If a Mris bounces in her desk chair and no one is around to see it....) When there is a date for this thing, which will be full of awesome if I have to make extra runs to the Awesome Supply Store myself, I will start sending particular e-mails gently and sweetly haranguing people to come. (No mass-mailed haranguing for me! Only personalized, individual haranguing!) What kept me from being utterly bummed at missing most of Minicon this year? The prospect of Montreal and New York this year and then another Minicon and that thing right in that link right there next year.

Second: you know what's annoying about People? The ones you want to complain about never know you mean them, and the ones you don't mean assume you must mean them and feel bad and anxious about what they did to offend you and/or your sensibilities. People. Harumph. This extends to the literary realm, where the minute I think, "Just never ever do that thing right there, because it's bad," I can think of a half-dozen people on my friendslist who could pull it off. But they would have a reason for it, and they all understand that the cardinal rule is, Make it interesting. Do not bore the reader. Not even for a minute.

Third: I am so fidgety. I have already worked out. It's not yet time to run errands (timprov's prescription won't be ready yet). If I don't get some good words down soon, Ista may end up with an extra walk today. Fidget fidget. Fidget.

Fourth: sometimes you need to admit to yourself that you are The Man, the person in charge, the authority figure, the one with the upper hand. Not everybody can be the underdog every single time. Watching the contortions people go through to try to maintain their self-image as Besieged Young Turks can be truly astonishing -- and a little icky, frankly. Part of the ethical use of power is admitting that you have it in the first place.

Fifth: you know how productive you can be when you're avoiding doing something else? This breaks down when you get everything you wanted to do that day to the point where you want to avoid it. Sigh. This may be the source of the fidgets, or it may have a common cause. Hard to say. Back to...something I don't want to do, I guess.
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