Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of April 8-14

One rejection, la la la. It's just as well it was a boring week for mail, because I was not much good for mailing stuff out in a timely fashion anyway. I did get a contributor's copy today, though, of Aberrant Dreams. Nice illo, legible text, name spelled correctly. I am pleased. Have not had a chance to read others' stories yet.

Ista and I went to a puppy party this afternoon, and it was lovely. There was running! And then more running! And butt-sniffing! And then running! In the car on the way home, she was all the happy in the world. And she doesn't even know she gets to go to her grandmonkeys' tonight while we're out for supper. One sincerely hopes she doesn't explode from all the happy.

I am really sick of being slightly hoarse and having to conserve my voice, though. Boooo-ring! Let's do something else, okay?
Tags: poodular supervision, scorekeeping

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