Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

better a bit at a time

The cold stuff has eased off considerably, with only a few deep coughs and a bit of snozzliness in a given hour. This may be due to cold meds finally being enough to hold it at bay; we'll see. Anyway, today I'm mostly left with much dizziness (lots of blue sparkly dots, wheee!) and a rather uncalled-for degree of weariness. I can deal with that, sort of. By taking it easy and reading a lot and snuggling the beastlet, who is helping me type.

My voice is barely starting to reappear. I have a tiny thready I-am-5-years-old sort of voice, which is not at all the sort of voice I actually had at 5. Somewhere around that age, I was in a fundraiser bridal fashion show for my grandmother's church -- I wore flower girl dresses -- and several old family friends permanently have an impression of me as the bitty little blonde girl who calmly but firmly corrected the pastor/MC when he called me Melissa. I never really went through a soft-spoken phase, except the ones like these that are virally induced.

(ETA: I am corrected. The MC was not the pastor, and there was no fund-raising, just a bridal fashion show for the fun of people who liked that sort of thing. So now you know.)

I continue to feel like rereading things, but since I have a long mental list of stuff I've meant to reread, that's not a problem. Unlike most of my lists, though, it's only a mental list, so I will be winging it again in just a minute here. Despite missing the Dreamhaven reading for Dr. Mike's birthday/memorial (sigh), I don't really feel like it's time for one of his, so...well. We'll see what comes up, when I look around downstairs.
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