Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Justice League of Minnesota

This is the sort of thing my brain does when tired, as last night: timprov and I were coming up with the Justice League of Minnesota. Some of them were more analogous to Justice League members than others (Aquavit Man, Mosquito Girl), but I think they make a swell crime-fighting team in either case. We have:

The Iron Ranger and his northern compadres, Aquavit Man and Red Jello (who is like Green Lantern, but dressed in Paul Bunyan plaid with suspenders)

The Passive-Aggressor: "Passive-Aggressor, quick! There's trouble in Nordeast!" "Well, if you're sure that it's worth my time to put down my fishing pole and come help you instead of calling the police, that's certainly your decision."

Captain Understatement and his sidekick, Body Language Boy, the Minnesota Communication Duo. "Someone's trying to blow up the earth? That might not be so great eventually." And Body Language Boy furrows his brow in agreement.

Mosquito Girl, from Edina of course. With a mask like Hawk Girl's except with the long proboscis. Her battle cry: "Eeeeeeriiiiiiic! I wanted to go to the Galleriiiiiiiia!" (Oh, come on, like you could have an entire team of MN superheroes and not a one of them named Eric.)

Someone's young ward, the Minnesota Niece.

And my personal favorites, Buttergirl and The State Fair-y.

Sadly, my own superhero names (the ComplicaTOR, the Non Sequitess, and the one we won't discuss here without a filter because it's not family-friendly) don't seem to have a local theme to them. Ah well. At least I have several. What JL o' MN members am I missing? And have you been given superhero names?

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