Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Tentative Minicon Schedule

The Minicon tentative schedule is up, and here is where I appear on it (also who else is appearing on it, on the theory that picking your panel attendance by one member is silly):

Friday evening 5:30-6:30 Atrium 6, Panel: Does SF Have a Sell-By Date? With dd_b, pnh, Ethan Sommer, and Matt Strait, the latter two of whom may have ljs, but if so I don't know what they are. (Same applies later.)

Friday evening 8:30-9:00 Atrium 2, Reading. I would love to say that all the cool kids will be there, but once again several known cool kids will be somewhere else for sure: it says so on the thingy. I'm just hoping at least one or two of the cool kids will be there, and by "cool kids" what I mean is "warm bodies."

Saturday afternoon 2:30-3:30 Atrium 6, Panel: Transmythic Fantasy. With naomikritzer, Lois McMaster Bujold, and hilarymoonmurph.

Saturday evening 8:30-9:30 wherever: ?hold sleeping beautiful angelic non-screaming godchild, accept compliments on same? (The Minicon schedulers didn't write this down, but I did volunteer.)

Saturday evening 10:00-11:00 Atrium 3, Panel: “Frell, Frack, Feiwu!” A History of SF&F Swearwords. With Lyda Morehouse, Alison Sommer, Kelly Strait, and Kathy Sullivan.

Sunday afternoon 1:00-2:00 Atrium 6, Panel: Hard SF as a Moving Target. With Howard Davidson, Greg Johnson, pnh, and Kelly Strait.

I will not be wearing the hat in the icon. The name of the icon is "borrowed plumage/reflected glory." It is not my hat. Likely I will not be wearing any hat at all. Still, come on out and say hi and heckle ask interesting audience-participation questions if you'll be there.
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