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Marissa Lingen

timprov's cousin Lee is serving in Iraq right now, and he has a blog, or his immediate group has -- I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, the post I want to send you to see is definitely Lee himself, and I think people on all parts of the political spectrum can be amused by the second half of this story. I don't think we have allies in that region at this time! (Note: while not particularly graphic, this is the blog post of someone at war, so if that's likely to be triggery for you, please avoid, and I will explain the funny bit to you on e-mail upon request.)

It looks to be another clear, lovely day here. The park was full of people last evening, which was very exciting for Ista, especially as many small children wanted to pet her. She really likes small children petting her. Some of them are extremely proud to recognize specific dog breeds -- one little girl marched up to me and said, "I am Ellie, and that is a poodle." I said, "You're right, Ellie. Would you like to pet my poodle?" "Yes I would," she said extremely firmly. Ellie was a (very small) woman who knew her own mind, and foremost in her own mind was the petting of eligible poodles.

(I like quiet walks better, but Ista really does love the attention, and I like not having to worry about what else I'm going to encounter in the park for awhile. Last year has me a little wary.)

I can't stay messing around on the internet at the moment -- I have to mend the fence and shower and clean the kitchen and patch the hull breach in the spaceship and diagnose the strange and referential disease before the refugees all panic. The exciting bits may all be in my head, but darn it, they're there.
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