Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Ah, fandom

I went to tell dlandon how to recognize me at WorldCon, but I'm afraid she'll just have to use my webpage pics as a reference.

"I'll be the one with long brownish, no, that won't work...I'll be the pale, not unique either...sometimes I'll be with a big fat guy...uh, no...." Yeah. If you're looking for me at WorldCon, I really do look like my pictures, only, y'know, mobile. Also, I'll be wearing a skirt or a dress most days, because I like 'em.

(Sometimes I get to pretend I'm not really that pale around here, because I run into pale people every day. Outside my own home, even. Then Scott made fun of me in my bridesmaid dress because, and I quote, "Aaaacghk, Risstopher, I can see your veins! Go eat some chocolate!" Sigh.)
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