Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Wrong again!

My dad wanted to get on the phone last night after Mom and I had talked, because I made him some mix CDs for his commute, and he wanted to tell me he was greatly amused by mishearing Dar Williams singing, "our parents do more drugs than we do," as, "Paris has more trucks than we do." Which was a perspective he had not expected.

Just now I misheard Liz Phair as singing, "one-eyed ingenue," when in fact she was singing, "wide-eyed ingenue." Oops.

I keep telling people that my main talent is getting the wrong end of the stick in an interesting way. Some of them even listen. Others probably think I said it was an interstellar way. Anybody who wants to write me and my dad a story about an interstellar one-eyed ingenue in Paris should feel perfectly welcome.

Have you had entertaining mistakes lately?
Tags: dad, random questions

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