Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

I can't breathe out my left eyelid.

Much though I would like to deny it, winter is over. Any snow we get from here is spring snow, which is also good but different from winter snow. The smell of the air has shifted. The light has shifted. It's spring. And the beastlet is running around like a lunatic in the mornings, occasionally barking at the back door not to be let in but to alert me to the wonder that is outside: look! It's wet! And warm! And muddy! And wet! Don't you want to come outside, monkey? Did I mention it's wet?

I spent much of yesterday distracting myself with small tasks while I waited for news about a family member, and then I got the news and it was good. So I should be less distractable today...right? Almost certainly. And I have managed to deal with one phone chore, and I hate phone chores, but I have verified that they are going to let lydy and me into the vault at the Science Museum. (MuwahaHAhaha...hem. *cough* Go about your business.) And while that was the most fun of my phone chores, still you have to start somewhere, and starting with prospective driveway-pourers did not seem like the thing.

Driveway-pourers. House-painters, who did not paint our house last fall as we had hoped because it went wet and cold too soon. Handybeings for the underside of the porch. Landscapers for a new tree. And nobody seems to know what to get Millie and Jimmy for a wedding present. We're dealing with a lot of shit here. (Sorry. It's spring, and spring means Bull Durham around here.)

So. Defunct computer bits will go to the environmentally responsible computer recycling place, and then there will be groceries, and then space opera. Yes. All these things are useful, and one of them is a long-term entry on the to-do list. And I've structured them so I get my space opera for reward. I think that's a good sign about a story, when writing it is my reward for doing other less-fun things rather than the other way around. I am much better at self-bribery that way than getting to have a chocolate-chip cookie when I've written or something like that.
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