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5 question meme: Athenais

Via athenais, that meme again:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I respond by asking you five questions of a creepily personal nature.
3. You update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, ask them five questions.

That's what the text said originally. I will note that as I am Scandosotan, "creepily personal" questions can involve things like, "What is your name?" and "Is someone sitting there? If not, could we have that chair at this table? Thanks."

Also, you can ask me five questions if you'd rather.

athenais asked:

1. You have just discovered you are the sole heir to the throne of a tiny European country. Rule or abdicate?
See, there are two things here: 1) I like being married to markgritter, and 2) I like writing books. Even tiny countries are work to run -- if there's nothing else to do, the waving and smiling would get on your very last nerve; certainly it would interfere with completing Chapter 7. So that's the writing bit. The married bit: markgritter is possibly the most anti-royalist person I have ever met or heard of. Cromwell's got nothing on him. He's a little skeptical about my friend's boyfriend who is king of a region of the SCA, specifically over the king thing. So I would have to abdicate.

2. Eddie Izzard is giving a dinner party the same night as your favorite professor who you haven't seen in ages. Whose invitation do you accept?
Dennis's, for sure. I mean, Eddie Izzard? He never calls, he never writes....

I'm not as steeped in Eddie Izzard's work as some of you lot seem to be, except for le singe, which is of course sur la branche, but even if you'd picked some other Colorful Famous Person, I'd go with a personal friend I haven't seen in ages every time. Unless it was one of my Colorful Famous Person Friends. Then I'd have to think hard.

Eddie Izzard isn't on my list to e-mail about lunch. Dennis is.

3. What book would you most like to read again for the first time?
Errrr. Um. Cover your eyes, pameladean, or you'll get wibbly like you get: The Whim of the Dragon.

This was my first impulse. There are others. The Kestrel and Cetaganda and Sorcery and Cecelia and Orca and -- why did I say Orca? Why that one and not Taltos or -- all right, I'll get back to you when I've done some rereading. But I think I'm going to stick with The Whim of the Dragon. Because the first time through I was reading the last half through the crack in my fingers worried that she was not going to stick the landing, and then she did.

4. Which artist would you most like to collaborate with?
I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it might count as a guilt-trip to the person in question.

Unfortunately, the refusal to answer may also count. So.

A lot of my favorite authors are people I know or could plausibly be introduced to, these days. But that doesn't mean we have even remotely compatible processes. I suspect that I would be one of the worst people in the world to collaborate with, because I am so utterly non-sequential that I would keep handing the person bits of book that hadn't got the right backing to make them go, so it would have to be someone who not only knew me really well but was an extremely good fielder. Someone not very dauntable.

If you mean in other media, "she makes the sparklies and I write the sparklies' stories" seems to be working well with elisem, and I'd be much more willing to try it at random with other interesting people than I would writing together.

5. What's your idea of the perfect vacation?
I don't have just the one, you see. It depends on the cast of characters and how they're doing at the time. I can have a perfect vacation with my grandparents at this point in their lives, with Grandma's two bad knees and Grandpa's tendency to catch colds, but it's not the same perfect vacation as I would have had if they hadn't been along. timprov has expressed an interest in taking markgritter and me to some of the places he liked best in Hungary, and I can see that being a perfect vacation with or without my folks, with or without a small child in a sling or a backpack, etc. But different in each case.

I think the important thing is to pay attention and notice the perfect things while they're happening to you.
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