Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
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head feel funny

Well, WFC was one set of this, and Gritter family Christmas another, and now both sides of this most recent California trip: I get vertigo about two days after flying. This is not the end of the world, because it goes away rather promptly. It's just something to think through when I'm planning other trips, if at all possible. (And of course we can hope it'll go away, and maybe it will. But better not to be caught without contingency plans away from home for this sort of thing, especially for trips like WFC when I'm likely to be traveling by myself or mostly so.)

Under the topic "things that make my head feel funny," I started having the urge to read a particular kind of novel yesterday afternoon and finally figured out which author I was trying to get at: um, me. How weird. I really wanted The Worldbuilders for some reason, but I decided to turn this impulse to the Thermionic Night reread I've been meaning to do for just short of forever. I am piiiiick pick picking at it with a green pen, but mostly it's going all rightish. I have not burned the draft copy and asked everyone who read it for me to excise it from their hard drives forever, for example. So that's something. Still, it really does make my head feel funny to read something I've written without any particular need to do major revisions at the moment (unless something jumps out at me).

Also I'm not sure this sort of activity is within the spirit of the Day Off, so I may avoid doing this in the future. But a week from now I fully expect to be finished with this particular reread, so I don't think it'll make much immediate difference.
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