Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Friday in California

Things to do upon our return home:
1) Everything

But first we have to get there. Which I think will be fine -- it looks like an earlier SFO-MSP flight left in a moderately timely fashion, and I was told that the worst of it was to be over today, maybe? (sigh) -- so I'm not too fussed about it.

We had a good but extremely noisy time at Gordon Biersch. I think the softer-spoken people in the group were a bit frustrated by having to yell (I was), but so far as I was made aware, good time had by all. I promised a livejournal quiz for those present who were trying to learn each other's names, but matching the lj people to their lj names should not be hard: me and markgritter and timprov and dd_b for the Minnesotans, of course, and fishbliss, reveritas, evangoer, wshaffer, brooksmoses, and suzanne should be pretty easy to tell apart from each other. Plus Sirs Not Appearing In This (Or Any Other) LJ. So now the ljers from last night know where to find each other, and part one of my evil plan is complete. Wait. Part one of my evil plan was ordering chocolate creme brulee. Hmm. We must be on to at least part two, then.

I am ready to be home in Minnesota. I said the whole time we lived out here that it was a good place to visit, and it is, and visiting for a week is far more pleasant than visiting for four years. But now we have time for one more lunch with markgritter's work people, and that's it, and I'm antsy to get home to my bop and my own bed and my own kitchen and -- urk. Kitchen. Grocery shopping. See above re: everything. Well, still. It'll be good to be home.
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