Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Monday morning in California

In more conversational, less planny news, I had forgotten the vigor with which they install speed bumps in this state. Good heavens! Speed mountains, they are! Apparently I noticed this when we first moved here, but it wasn't on my list of top things to remember about California. It's amusing me now.

We had a good time seeing people, eating things, walking on things, and looking at things yesterday. Yep, I think that about covers it. Oh, and driving past things, but mostly that was the looking. I don't mean to make this livejournal into a day-by-day culinary report, but: garlicky calamari! Salmon taco with just the right amount of lime! Stuffed mushrooms and sauteed pea sprouts and yams and sesame and oh, oh! It was a good food day yesterday. And I have hopes of today as well.

San Gregorio Beach is no longer accessible unless you want to ford the rushing waters, which we did not, but walking on the cliff above it was still nice.

I was somewhat dizzy last night and am hoping not to repeat the experience today, but we're keeping things fairly low-key anyway. No rushing up and down the California coast just yet.

And now Mark is awake, so I can write on paper or read without waking him, and there are plans to be made and so on. Hope your week is starting well, with good news to share soon (you know who you are on that last point! not that I don't hope for good news for the rest of you).
Tags: hope it don't fall into the sea, so juicy sweeeet, stupid vertigo

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