Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Sunday morning in California

I managed to sleep until 6:00 a.m. local time. I am so proud. Of course, we're not leaving for Half Moon Bay until 10:30, so it's not like I needed to be up -- but getting on a schedule where I sleep until 4:00 a.m. and am worn to a nubbin by 9:00 p.m. is not really the goal here. Sort of interferes with one's social agenda, is what I'm saying. Also inconvenient to other people trying to sleep in the room without the glow of the monitor for half the night, maybe.

The smell of not-winter was immediate as soon as I got off the plane. It's raining now -- raining pretty good, actually, not like the half-assed drizzle we used to get here a lot. If it's still raining when we get done with lunch, we will go to San Gregorio in the rain. We've done it before. I greeted the eucalyptus by the side of the road (startling the guys as I called, "I can smell you!" out the car window). I had forgotten a lot. The shape of the evergreens is not like the shape of our evergreens at home. The tile on the roofs: we don't have that at home. It's kind of neat, but a good snowstorm would ruin half the tiles. (Are you having a good snowstorm without me, Minneapolitans? Curse my timing!)

timprov's aunt Judy had a hearty stew and bread and salads and baked apples and wine and biscotti waiting for us when we got there. Mmmmmmmmmm. And the stew was not half onions. I hate it when you have a perfectly good stew otherwise and keep running into excessive onions.

So here's the thing about my mail: I cannot access mail that was already in my inbox yesterday afternoon. I can get new stuff you send me, but the old stuff is stuck inaccessible at home until I get there. So if you e-mailed me something you'd like me to know before Friday, please re-send it to my gmail account, or just re-send it. I should be able to pick up new stuff. Mark has fixed it for the moment. Ah, the joys of travel.

Soon: stuff. Then: more stuff. Yep.
Tags: hope it don't fall into the sea

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